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Science Resources

Here students can find a range of resources and independent learning materials to support their development in Science.

7-11 Science Curriculum

The table below gives a broad timeline overview of the curriculum that students will experience from year 7 to 11.

Note the science is integrated in year 7 and 8, delivered by ideally one science teacher, who will deliver biology, chemistry and physics modules in the order laid out here.


In year 9, when the students start their 3-year GCSE TRILOGY SCIENCE course (8464), they will be taught biology, chemistry and physics separately but at the same time.

Y9 Chem
Y9 Bio
Y9 Phy
Y10 Chem
Y10 Bio
Y10 Phy
Y11 Chem
Y11 Bio
Y11 Phy
Term 1: Sept
Science Enquiry Skills Organisms
Science Enquiry
C1 Atomic Structure
B1 Cell Structure and Transport
P6 Matter
C6 Electrolysis
B7 Human Nervous System
P4 Electrical Circuits
C10 Chemical Analysis
B13 Organising an Ecosystem
P12 Electromagnetic Waves
Term 2: Nov
Energy & Waves
C2 The Periodic table
B2 Cell Division
P7 Radioactivity
C7 Energy Changes
B8 Hormonal Control
P5 Electricity in the home
C11 The Earth's Atmosphere
B14 Biodiversity
P13 Electromagnetism
Term 3: Jan
Energy & Waves Matter
C3 Structure & bonding
B3 Organisation and Digestion
P1 Energy Conservation and dissipation
C8 Rates and Equilibrium
B9 Reproduction
P8 Forces in balance
C12 The Earth's Resources
B14 Biodiversity
P13 Electromagnetism
Term 4: Mar
Ecosystems Reactions
Ecosystems Reactions
C3 Structure & bonding
B4 Organisation of plants and animals
P1 Energy Conservation and dissipation
C8 Rates and Equilibrium
B10 Variation and Evolution
P9 Motion
Exam Preparation
Exam Preparation
Exam Preparation
Term 5: April
Electromagnets Genes
Electromagnets Genes
C4 Chemical Calculations
B5 Disease
P2 Energy Transfer
C9 Crude Oil and Fuels
B11 Genetics and Evolution
P10 Forces in Motion
Exam Preparation
Exam Preparation
Exam Preparation
Term 6 Jun
Forces Earth
Forces Earth
C5 Chemical Changes
B6 Photosynthesis and Respiration
P3 Energy Resources
C10 Chemical Analysis
B12 Adaptation and Competition
P11 Waves

Year 11 Advanced information for AQA  Science Exams

The documents below provide guidance from the AQA exam board of the main topics the science exam papers will include and assess. It includes reference to topics and the required practical. NOTE - the exam board has still advised students still leave the entire content they have been taught, as some topics could appear as low tariff questions (ie single mark questions) that are linked to main questions. There is a document for higher tier and one for foundation.

Revision guidance for year 11

Click on the links below and to the left guidance includes content, the required practical and links to external websites to help you with your revision - good luck!!

Revision Guidance Y10

Click on the links to the right to give you guidance, including content, required practical and website links to help you.

Careers Information

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