Pastoral Care

Providing a safe and respectful environment for students to learn and achieve


At JSTC we take very seriously our responsibility to provide a happy, safe and respectful environment for children to grow, learn and ultimately achieve. A growing number of children are suffering health issues (particularly mental health) and we at JSTC aim to support students on their journey from Year 7 to Year 11, and equip them with the necessary resilience to fully engage with the world beyond our walls.



The importance of good attendance


Good attendance is an essential element for good progress. Students are expected - nationally - to have a minimum attendance of 95% and the school works with families in a focused way to reach this standard if attendance falls below this level.


Dedicated inclusion and attendance staff led by a senior member of staff to work with families and where necessary, engage with external sources of advice and guidance, to ensure attendance levels are improved.


Parents are given advice on entry to JSTC with respect to the required attendance standards, the non-authorisation of family holidays in term time and the link between good attendance and their child's achievement.


An attendance report is sent home three times per year in addition to attendance information on the school academic reports to ensure parents are fully aware of their child's current attendance.

Attendance Policy