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Pastoral Care

Providing a safe and respectful environment for students to learn and achieve


At JSTC we take very seriously our responsibility to provide a happy, safe and respectful environment for children to grow, learn and ultimately achieve. A growing number of children are suffering health issues (particularly mental health) and we at JSTC aim to support students on their journey from Year 7 to Year 11, and equip them with the necessary resilience to fully engage with the world beyond our walls.


Pastoral Staff

Year 7 Team

Mrs H Field - Progress Leader

Mr M West - Deputy PL

Miss C Lynch - Pastoral

Year 8 Team

Mrs C Reyes Vera - Progress Leader

TBC - Deputy PL

Mrs T Handley - Pastoral

Year 9 Team

Mrs J Sharp - Progress Leader

Miss E Novell - Deputy PL

Mrs S McLennan - Pastoral

Year 10 Team

Mr J Baxter - Progress Leader

Mr J Croft - Deputy PL

Mrs S Evans - Pastoral

Year 11 Team

Mrs K Richardson - Progress Leader

Miss S Harrison - Pastoral

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