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For Our Families

Here you can find important information about the school including term dates, uniform information, day timings and much more. Click the menu below to find what you need.

Term Dates

Term Dates

Please click the buttons to see the term dates for this academic year 2023/24 and next academic year 2024/25.


School Day Timings

This academic year (2022/23) the timings for the school day have changed. We now have five hour long lessons, break and lunch, with travel time in between periods.



JSTC Uniform and Equipment Agreement


John Spendluffe Technology College has high expectations and standards when it comes to uniform, our students take pride in their appearance. Our uniform policy helps both families and students make the right choice when it comes to appropriate attire. Students are expected to wear the correct uniform as shown in the uniform posters. The coloured stripe in the tie indicates which House the student belongs to. Blue is Enterprise,  Red is Discovery and Green is for Endeavour. House competitions are a good way to get to know more students in the school, enjoy different activities and have fun.


Students are also expected to follow our dress code with respect to footwear and jewellery.


Students are also expected to come to school ready to learn with basic equipment e.g. pens, pencils, ruler, geometry set, calculator and any other items identified by (or for) specific subjects.



Good attendance is an essential element for good progress. Students are expected - nationally - to have a minimum attendance of 95% and the school works with families in a focused way to reach this standard if attendance falls below this level.


Dedicated inclusion and attendance staff led by a senior member of staff to work with families and where necessary, engage with external sources of advice and guidance, to ensure attendance levels are improved.


Parents are given advice on entry to JSTC with respect to the required attendance standards, the non-authorisation of family holidays in term time and the link between good attendance and their child's achievement.


An attendance report is sent home three times per year in addition to attendance information on the school academic reports to ensure parents are fully aware of their child's current attendance.

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Canteen Menu

Canteen Menu

At JSTC we aim to offer a range of foods to fuel growing and hungry children. Although the menu is the same each week, different options and meal choices are available daily.

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Parental Courses

The free online courses for parents are designed to provide support through all stages of bringing up children, from pregnancy and birth to caring for toddlers up to teenagers. They include specific courses for teenagers, and for parents and carers of children with additional needs.  Parents’ courses can be accessed by clicking here


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