Below are a series of electronic Admissions Forms parents/carers must complete. There are 6 forms in total:


  • Main Student Admission

  • Health & Medication

  • Home - School Learner Agreement

  • Student Data Sharing Consent

  • ICT Acceptable Use & Internet/Email Permission

  • Marketing & Advertising Consent


Although there is no particular order in which the forms should be submitted, it remains that ALL 6 forms must be completed before you will be invited to collect your child's school uniform.


Some forms are more detailed than others and they will therefore take varying times to complete. It is important that once you start one form, you complete it before starting the next.



Do not attempt to complete any of the forms until you have received an invite email first and read all of the important documentation listed below. Each form requires a unique Parent Security Code which is included in the email.

The ‘find your nearest school’ tool is now live on the LCC website at the two links below.

Main Student Admission Form 2022.JPG
Health and Medication Form 2022.JPG
Home School Learner Agreement Form 2022.JPG
Data Sharing Consent Form 2022.JPG
ICT Acceptable Use Form 2022.JPG
Marketing and Advertising Form 2022.JPG


Appeals timetable.

National offer day -                                     1 March 2022                            

Deadline for an appeal to be received -    Noon 29 March 2022       

It can also be accessed at - Appeal a school place decision – How to appeal - Lincolnshire County Council