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Business Studies


The department focuses its aims on both the structure and classification of business and provides an understanding of the financial and marketing elements of running a business. The students are also learn how businesses operate and expand. Business Studies is a subject that is only offered in Key Stage 4, through a BTEC Qualification. We introduce the students to the content in Year 9, highlighting the different ownership and classification of businesses and the external factors that impact on their development. Therefore, in Years 10 and 11, students' have developed a sound, underpinning knowledge of business structure and operations, enabling them to complete their BTEC work with confidence. The main focus of the department is to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills required to research, set up, run, review and monitor an enterprise.

All businesses need enterprising employees to drive their organisations forward, to have ideas and initiatives to instigate growth, and to ensure businesses success in this fast-changing world. Enterprise is a key government focus, forming an important part of the United Kingdom’s global economic status and is central to driving this nation forward. We want our students to access the opportunities that a career in business affords. 


Our curriculum embeds our school motto; Respect, Resilience and Responsibility, ensuring that all students have high aspirations and expectations for their own abilities. Business Studies is a curriculum that sets high ambitions for our students; giving them the opportunities to explore what skills and knowledge they need to live in a business world. We plan our curriculum to have a logical structure from Year 9 through to Year 11, to ensure that all students learn the essential topics, skills and knowledge to be successful in Business.

We implement key topics such as business ownership, promotion, finance, internal and external factors impacting business, market research and developing a business plan. With the use of exam techniques and command words, our lessons support the literacy development and understanding of our students ready for their formal and summative assessments.







Year 9

Preparation for and introduction to the OCR Cambridge Nationals Tech Award in Enterprise and Marketing.


Year 9 is used as a skills and knowledge-building year, in preparation for students starting their coursework in Year 10. A number of ‘mini projects’ are completed with the aim of students exploring different business topics. The students will explore:


  • The sectors of business

  • The classification of business

  • The different ownership types

  • Government and their role in business

  • The internal and external factors that impact on a business’s development

  • Market research that businesses undertake

Years 10 & 11

Students will be completing the OCR Cambridge Nationals Tech Award in Enterprise and Marketing. They begin the year by completing one of the coursework units for their qualification which builds on the development and understanding obtained in Year 9.


There are 3 units of work that the students must complete over the 2 year course:


  • R067 – Enterprise and marketing concepts (Examination—40%)

  • R068 – Design a Business Proposal (Coursework assignment—30%)

  • R069 – Market and Pitch a Business Proposal (Coursework assignment—30%)


Students will develop skills which include: 

  • development of key skills that prove aptitude in planning and carrying out an enterprise activity, including market research, planning, carrying out financial transactions, communication and problem solving. 

  • knowledge that underpins effective use of skills, such as the features and characteristics of enterprises and entrepreneurs, and the internal and external factors that can affect the performance of an enterprise. 

  • attitudes and ways of working that are considered most important for enterprise, including communicating and interacting with customers, monitoring and reflecting on performance of enterprise and own use of skills.


Key Stage 4

The Edexcel ‘BTEC Level 1/2 Tech Award in Enterprise’ gives learners the opportunity to develop sector-specific knowledge and skills in a practical learning environment. The qualification starts in Year 10 where students complete one of the units of coursework and prepare for their initial attempt at the written exam (end of Year 10). During Year 11, students then complete the remaining coursework unit, with further preparation set aside for those students who require further re-sits of the exam.


The Edexcel ‘BTEC Level 1/2 Tech Award in Enterprise' qualification is divided in to 3 areas:

  • Component 1 – Exploring Enterprises– coursework – 30% of the qualification

  • Component 2 – Planning for and Running an Enterprise – coursework – 30% of the qualification

  • Component 3 – Promotion and Finance for Enterprise – written exam – 40%  of the qualification

From September 2022, we will be offering Business Studies with OCR Cambridge Nationals in Enterprise and Marketing. The Level 1/Level 2 Cambridge National in Enterprise and Marketing is aimed at students aged 14-16, studying a Key Stage 4 curriculum, who wish to develop applied knowledge and practical skills in enterprise and marketing. It is designed to sit alongside other GCSEs and contains both practical and theoretical elements, which will prepare students for further study of qualifications in enterprise, marketing or business. The Cambridge National in Enterprise and Marketing is graded pass, merit and distinction for Level 1 and pass, merit, distinction and distinction* for Level 2.

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