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Our School

JSTC is a non-selective 11-16 co-educational school in a selective area. We are a popular, over-subscribed school of around 630 students. Despite being a secondary modern school, we have the full ability range including gifted and talented students. We are proud of the work that we do with our young people to enable them to challenge themselves academically and reach the highest of aspirations. At our most recent Ofsted inspection we were rated as ‘Good’ in all areas. We are very proud our achievements; we will continue to develop and provide the best possible education for our young people. We are a single academy trust but have developed strong networks and links with a range of partners and other schools locally and throughout the county.


Headteachers Welcome

I am delighted to be writing to introduce myself, Simon Curtis, Headteacher of John Spendluffe Technology College. I am privileged to have been appointed by the governing body in this role and feel honoured to take the opportunity to continue to lead John Spendluffe Technology College through the next exciting phase of its development. The staff, students and governors have worked tirelessly to establish a culture and ethos where respect, responsibility, resilience and academic excellence go hand in hand.

I believe every child deserves the best education possible so they can become the best version of themselves. By providing a balance of academic and pastoral care, I want to enable and support all students to make the right choices once they leave JSTC ensuring they have the social skills to be happy, confident citizens and are successful in all they do.


I am excited to be able to continue to develop the excellence which already exists here, and I am confident and determined that JSTC will continue to go from strength to strength. I am hugely fortunate to be able to work with a group of experienced and dedicated governors as well as an enabled and committed leadership team and talented group of colleagues.

Vision & Values

Our vision is to provide our students the experiences and opportunities to love learning by providing a broad and inspiring curriculum, positive experiences inside and outside of the classroom. Our school community will continue to thrive and improve through respect, responsibility and resilience. I will continue to work with committed staff and external partners to provide opportunities for enrichment through an extra-curricular programme which delivers exciting new experiences for our students to explore.

Our aim is to develop...


  •     Respect

  •     Responsibility

  •     Resilience each of our students to become confident and motivated young adults.



JSTC prides itself on creating a warm, nurturing and respectful learning environment at the heart of its local community. Staff are passionate about ensuring students receive a first class educational experience in a happy, stimulating setting. As a school, we value, appreciate and celebrate the achievements and efforts of our students.



Staff at JSTC work hard to ensure lessons are both engaging and challenging. Our carefully planned curriculum will nurture and guide our students not only to academic success, but will also ensure they leave us as young adults ready to play a key role in the wider world. Together, we can support your child to excel in school, be happy and leave as confident young people.



JSTC values the contributions that all students make – whether in the classroom, on the sports field or swimming pool, as part of a team in our school council, leading a primary school event or helping a young student with their reading. We believe that, in partnership with parents, we can make the difference and ensure that your child reaches their full potential.



The School Site

The school site has been enhanced in recent years to include two new classroom builds, a re-furbished English teaching block, a remodelled, modern canteen, and refurbishment of the original, attractive 1930s building. Car park facilities on site are free. The school has it own swimming pool, all-weather pitch and gym faciliites which are all available for staff use.


School Ethos and Values

Supporting our students and their families to achieve the highest possible aspirations to a bright future lies at the heart of our daily work in school. High quality, extensive pastoral provision enables us to fulfil this mission. Our aim is to empower our students to become ‘resilient, respectful and responsible’ in readiness for the next step of their educational journey. We are committed to serving each other, the students, and the wider community.


Our students

Our students are our best ambassadors. They come from a wide rural and coastal area with the majority travelling by bus to school. Many students are not confident about the talents and abilities when they first arrive but through the hard work of our staff, we enable our students to develop and thrive into young adulthood. Students take part in a range of activities in and out of the classroom and visitors are frequently impressed with their courtesy, and the pride that they have in their school. Our students behave well and want to learn. Some students find academic work difficult and our experienced SEND team work hard to ensure that students have an appropriate curriculum and personal support. JSTC offers its students excellent opportunities to develop skills for life as well as academic qualifications. We want all of our students to develop into caring, active citizens. JSTC has a strong coaching culture; a wide range of staff coach Year 11 students to help them improve their resilience, independence, and self-efficacy.


Committed and Friendly Staff

Our dedicated staff believe passionately in improving outcomes for all students and this can be seen in the positive relationships with each other and in the classroom. Staff are happy to teach at JSTC and want to stay. There is a low turnover of staff each year as we believe in providing opportunities for career progression at JSTC.

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