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The aim within Humanities subjects is to allow all pupils to immerse themselves in the diversity of other cultures, faiths and environments; from here in Lincolnshire to the wider British Isles and to far flung places across the globe.  ​

Our five-year curriculum is designed to develop pupils’ awareness of the world through a holistic Humanities approach. Where possible we link topics and highlight the common strands between Geography, History and Religious Studies. This in turn allows pupils to gain a greater depth of knowledge and understanding as well as an opportunity to recap and review topics as they move through Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4. It is our goal as Geography, History and Religious Studies teachers to:

  • Develop our students understanding of humans through time, our origins and cultural identity, within different geological landscapes.

  • Nurture pupils understanding of our place, roles and responsibilities within the world in order to look after our planet and resources.

  • Instil a tolerance and acceptance of our diverse multi-cultural society and allow pupils to immerse themselves in the celebration of diversity.

  • Inspire students to have a life-long passion for learning and love of the humanities subjects.

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