Welcome to the Humanities department, we are one of the largest in the school with seven experienced members of staff, covering three different subjects. We also span a large part of the school; the main Humanities block is situated at the centre of the school site with further History and Religious Studies rooms on both sides of the site.

Department Aims

The aim within Humanities subjects is to allow all pupils to immerse themselves in the diversity of other cultures, faiths and environments; from here in Lincolnshire to the wider British Isles and to far flung places across the globe.  

Our five-year curriculum is designed to develop pupils’ awareness of the world through a holistic Humanities approach. Where possible we link topics and highlight the common strands between Geography, History and Religious Studies. This in turn allows pupils to gain a greater depth of knowledge and understanding as well as an opportunity to recap and review topics as they move through Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4. It is our goal as Geography, History and Religious Studies teachers to:

  • Develop our students understanding of humans through time, our origins and cultural identity, within different geological landscapes.

  • Nurture pupils understanding of our place, roles and responsibilities within the world in order to look after our planet and resources.

  • Instil a tolerance and acceptance of our diverse multi-cultural society and allow pupils to immerse themselves in the celebration of diversity.

  • Inspire students to have a life-long passion for learning and love of the humanities subjects.


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