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Religious Studies


Rudolf Eliott Lockhart recently stated that without good quality Religious Studies / Education where the information taught is accurate and balanced alongside being from a range of different world views, young people are being placed at risk. He believes that they are not only at risk of ignorance which might lead to misunderstanding or even bigotry, but as they journey through life they risk basing their knowledge, understanding and opinions on sources that perpetuate inaccurate and misleading stereotypes.

Our aim at JSTC is to ensure that the subject makes a contribution to the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our pupils. We want to promote discernment and assist pupils to combat prejudice by allowing them to distinguish between opinion, belief and fact.

We all know that the world that our children live in is changing and is certainly challenging at times. So here at JSTC the Religious Studies lessons are a safe space for children to explore and develop their identity and belonging, which enables them to flourish individually. It aids pupils to consider and respond to a range of important questions about ultimate meaning and purpose of life, have the opportunities for personal reflection and spiritual development, enhance students awareness and understanding of religions and beliefs and encourage students to learn from different religions, beliefs, values and traditions.


We believe that it is also important that Religious Studies is taught in an inclusive way and takes into account the views of those who do not have any religious beliefs.

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The Right to Withdraw

Since 1944, all schools have been required to teach Religious Studies / Education to all pupils on roll. Therefore along with English, Maths and Science, Religious Studies is part of the Basic Curriculum.

However, as a parent of a pupil within our school, you have the right to request that your child be withdrawn from all or part of the Religious Studies programme provided. This must be done in a formal way, through written communication with the head teacher. Parents MUST provide work for their child to do while they are withdrawn from the lessons.

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