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Staff Team

The staff team at JSTC are dedicated to the learning and nurturing of our young people, providing excellent teaching and support in all areas of school life.


Mr S Curtis


Quality Assurance, Vision & Culture

Attendance & Mental Health Lead

Art & Photography Teacher


Ms R Norton

Deputy Head

Behaviour, Personal Development & Rewards

Mathematics Teacher

Nameblank59 - Positionblank59.jpg

Mr R Thornalley

Assistant Headteacher

Safeguarding Lead and House Coordinator

Head of PE

Nameblank55 - Positionblank55.jpg

Mrs S Powell

Assistant Headteacher

Teaching and Learning,  Wellbeing, Mental Health Lead.

Mr J Bentley - Assistant Headteacher.jpg

Mr J Bentley

Assistant Headteacher

Data, MIS & ITT Coordinator

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Mrs P Forman

Assistant Headteacher


Teacher of MFL

Mrs A Appleyard - Head of MFL.jpg

Mrs A Appleyard

Assistant Headteacher

Head of MFL

Mrs L Arrowsmith - Head of Expressive Arts.jpg

Mrs L Arrowsmith

Associate Assistant Headteacher

Director of Behaviour for Learning and Careers

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Mrs K Startin

Associate Assistant Headteacher

Director of STEM

Head of Maths & Science

Mr J Treasure - College Business Manager.jpg

Mr J Treasure

Business Manager

School finance and Data Protection Officer


School Dog

Head of Walkies and Pets

Teaching Staff


Mrs Mountain - Head of English

Miss Vickers - Teacher of English

Miss Legeckis - Teacher of English

Mrs Hallam - Teacher of English

Mrs Powell - Teacher of English

Mrs Rocci - Teacher of English

Mr Croft - Teacher of English

Miss Legate - Teacher of English


Mrs Startin - Head of Maths

Ms Norton - Teacher of Maths

Mrs Miller - Teacher of Maths

Mr West - Teacher of Maths

Mr Pritchard - Teacher of Maths

Mr Whitbread - Teacher of Maths

Miss Bolland - Teacher of Maths

Mrs Field - Teacher of Maths


Mr Bentley - Teacher of Science

Mrs Sharp - Teacher of Science

Mr Smith  - Teacher of Science

Mr Lyus - Teacher of Science

Miss Palmer - Teacher of Science

Mrs Proctor - Teacher of Science

Mr Lamb - Teacher of Science


Mrs Myers-Mooney  - Head of Humanities

Mrs Garrard - Teacher of RS

Mr Wilson - Teacher of Humanities

Miss Hewson - Teacher of Geography

Miss Podlaszewski - Teacher of History

Mr Chambers - Teacher of Geography


Mrs Appleyard - Head of MFL

Mrs Daykin - Teacher of MFL (Mat)

Mrs Forman - Teacher of MFL

Mr Reyes - Teacher of MFL

Mrs Dixon - Teacher of MFL

ICT & Business Studies

Miss Elias - Head of ICT & Business Studies

Mr Grove - Teacher of ICT

Mrs Mason - Teacher of ICT & Business Studies

Expressive Arts

Mrs Arrowsmith - Head of EA

Miss Abbott - Teacher of Perf. Arts

Miss Novell - Teacher of Music

Mrs Baxter - Teacher of Art

Miss Holden - Teacher of Art

Ms Bird - LMS Piano Teacher

Mr Howman - LMS Guitar Teacher

Mr Desmond - LMS Drum Teacher

Mrs Cooper - LMS Voice Teacher

Mrs Smith - LMS Brass Teacher

Mrs Dagliesh - LMS Strings Teacher


Mr Karklins - Head of Technology

Mr Follett - Teacher of Technology

Mrs Grove - Teacher of Technology

Miss Holden - Teacher of Textiles

Child Development

Mrs Bromley - Teacher of CD

Mrs Garrard - Teacher of CD

Physical Education

Mr Thornalley - Head of PE

Mr Baxter - Teacher of PE

Mrs Richardson - Teacher of PE

Mr Richardson - Teacher of PE

Mrs Bromley - Teacher of PE

Miss Bolland - Teacher of PE

Mrs Field - Teacher of PE

Safeguarding & Progress Teams

Progress Team

Miss Field - Year 7 Progress Leader

Mr West - Year 7 Deputy Progress Leader

Mrs Lynch - Year 7 Pastoral Lead

Mr Reyes Vera - Year 8 Progress Leader

TBC - Year 8 Deputy Progress Leader

Mrs Handley - Year 8 Pastoral Lead

Mrs Sharp - Year 9 Progress Leader

Miss Novell - Year 9 Deputy Progress Leader

Mrs McLennan - Year 9 Pastoral Lead

Mr Baxter - Year 10 Progress Leader

Mr Croft - Year 10 Deputy Progress Leader

Mrs Evans - Year 10 Pastoral Lead

Mrs Richardson - Year 11 Progress Leader

Miss Harrison - Year 11 Pastoral Lead

Safeguarding Team

Mr Thornally - DSL

Mrs Paice -DDSL

Miss Elias - E-Safety Coordinator

Support Staff

Learning Support

Mrs Foreman - SENCO

Mrs Deeley - Assistant SENDO

Mr K McGilloway - LSA

Mrs Boom - LSA

Mrs Blackshaw - LSA

Mrs Talboys - LSA

Mr B McGilloway - LSA

Mrs Hall - LSA

Mrs Strong - LSA

Mr Strong - LSA

Mrs Wells - LSA

Mrs Mumford - LSA

Miss Streeter - LSA

Mr Handley - LSA

Mrs Handley - LSA

Mrs Seal - LSA

Miss Hopkins - LSA

Mrs Barker - LSA

Mrs Bishop - LSA

Miss McLennan - LSA

Miss Pick - LAC/SEN Admin Assistant


Mrs Chatterton - Administrator

Mrs Smith - Headteacher's Secretary

Mrs Devereux - Senior Admin Assistant

Mrs Bishell - Exams Officer

Mrs Sheldon - Admin Assistant

Miss Vickers - Admin Assistant

Ms Ashton - Finance Assistant

Mrs Otter - Finance Assistant

Mrs Bishell - Exams Manager

Mrs Murray - Attendance Manager

Miss Collingwood - Attendance Assistant

Mrs Sivil - Clerk to Governors

Student Support

Mrs Cragg - HLTA & Careers Lead

Mr Chambers - LAC Coordinator

Miss Bolland - DofE Coordinator

Miss Abbott - EAL Coordinator

Miss Hickson - Inclusion Support/Young Carers

Cover Supervisors

Ms N Annison

Mr P Nickson

Mr Baxter

Miss Holden

Miss Freeman


Site Staff

Mr Knight - ICT Network Manager

Mr Gregory - ICT Technician

Mr Sanderson - Technology Technician

Miss McGilloway - Technology Technician

Miss Smith - Senior Science Technician

Mrs Maltby - Science Technician

Catering Staff

Mr Armstrong - Catering Manager

Mr Bishell - Site Manager

Mr Allen - Assistant Site Manager

Mr Taylor - Assistant Site Manager

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