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JSTC Music Resources

Instrument Lessons

At JSTC we are excited to announce the re-introduction of extra-curricular music lessons for years 8 to 11. These music lessons consist of a 30 minute, one to one lesson with a specialist teacher in the chosen instrument. Lessons take place during the school day, and will run on a weekly rotation basis, meaning your child would not miss the same lesson each week. Students will be expected to speak to their teacher to collect work missed along with any homework set from that lesson.

What are they?

Peri music lessons are a great way for a child to learn new and exciting skills, as well as developing their music subject knowledge. Pupils will have the opportunity to learn a variety of genres and styles, including graded pieces if they wish to study grades in their chosen instrument.

How do they support learning?

At the moment, we are pleased to be able to offer lessons in the following instruments:
•     Piano or Digital Keyboard 
•     Woodwind – Clarinet, Saxophone, Flute
•     Voice 
•     Drums 
•     Guitar – Guitar, Bass Guitar 
•     Upper Strings – Violin, Viola
•     Brass – Trumpet, French Horn

We currently do not have teachers visiting to teach the instruments below, but if there is enough interest in them we should be able to organise lessons in them:
•     Woodwind – Oboe, Cor Anglais 
•     Lower Strings – Cello, Double Bass
•     Brass – Euphonium 


What instruments can I learn?

What is the cost?

For a 30 minute lesson the cost is £19
If your child is eligible for Free School Meals then lessons are 1/3 reduced to £12.70 for a 30 minute lesson.

If the student is a '
Looked After Child' then lessons are further reduced for a 30 minute lesson and further LAC funding may be available to help with instrument, exam and sheet music costs.

GCSE & BTEC students of music receive a further £6 per lesson subsidy towards the cost of their tuition.

Payment of music lessons will be via invoice being generated and posted onto Bromcom one half term in advance to the lessons taking place.

Shared Lessons

If you would like your child to share a lesson to reduce the cost, this may also be possible.  

Instrument Borrowing & Hire

Please also note that we do have a limited supply of instruments that students can borrow for their lessons, in the instance that we cannot provide the instrument, they can be hired from Lincolnshire Music Service for £15 per year. 

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