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In this subject area of Design & Technology, students in year 7 and year 8 will develop design solutions to solve existing user needs in order to develop a wide range of skills in Fashion & Textiles, including the application of ICT.  Students will use a range of different fabrics and materials, including natural and non-natural fibres, to design and manufacture innovative and high-quality products using a range of processes from the use of hand sewing to computerised sewing machines and overlockers.   Students will also use a wide range of design methods from freehand sketching and rendering to the use of different computer aided design to develop design ideas.   In year 9, students who have selected GCSE Design & Technology (Textiles design focus) as an option choice will develop more specific skills and knowledge in fashion design and practical skills to assist with coursework completion, and in preparation for external examinations in year 11.  In year 10, students will continue to develop practical skills & examination knowledge in preparation for starting coursework in June, when the coursework theme is released. In year 11, students will complete all coursework and sit an external examination at the end of year 11, which, combined with coursework marks, will be used to form their overall grade.  

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