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MFL Curriculum Intent


Our curriculum is aligned with the JSTC Curriculum intent and is designed to provide students with the tools to engage in a range of  linguistic and cultural aspects of a Modern Foreign Language; promoting resilience, communication and problem solving as integral to language learning.

Our Curriculum Journey


In Modern Foreign Languages we follow a 5 year Curriculum Journey, which is underpinned by 3 main themes : Identity & Culture; Local, International and Global Areas of Interest and Education & Future Plans.

Our Curriculum Maps

Our Curriculum Maps give pupils, parents and staff an overview of the Knowledge and Skills that will be covered in each module. There are constantly revisited, practised and built upon, using both Spaced Learning and Retrieval Practice to create links to prior learning, or 'schema'.

Knowledge Organisers

Learning a language begins with learning vocabulary. Without the words to read, speak, write or listen, we are unable to communicate in another language. To this end, we use Knowledge Organisers across all year groups, languages and modules, to ensure pupils are fully equipped with the vocabulary that will support them.

Knowledge Organisers are used in lessons, as homework, and as a revision and retrieval tool. By studying and completing activities on a small section of vocabulary each week, and revisiting this until it is stored in our long term memory, pupils are able to build their vocabulary bank as a gradual approach. Research suggests that this will ensure the vocabulary are remembered for longer.

Our Knowledge Organisers - Spanish

Our Knowledge Organisers - French